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Bucs tackle James Lee lifts spirits of fan
A longtime ticket holder's recovery battle is buoyed by a visit from tackle James Lee. TAMPA - Charles Clark has been a Bucs fan since Day 1. On Thursday afternoon, the 34-year season-ticket holder from Tampa sat in his Moffitt Cancer Center hospital room, draped in a white blanket, his body weak from blood cancer treatments, fragile from losing 30 pounds after a bone marrow transplant two weeks ago. Atop his head sat a red Bucs cap, under his blanket he wore a black Bucs T-shirt. The worst news he has heard, NFL lockout aside, is that his treatments might force him to miss Tampa Bay home games this season. Then a visitor, Bucs offensive tackle James Lee, walked into the room and it was the perfect medicine for the 67-year-old ailing grandfather...
Life lessons from one who has been there
When Ricky Sailor was one of Hillsborough County’s top high school football recruits a dozen years ago, he wasn’t handed the road map to success. And he veered off the path. Now Sailor, the defensive coordinator of Jefferson High’s reigning Class 3A state title team, has set his sights on not only helping today’s recruits get a scholarship offer, but making good use of it. With all the buildup to national signing day every February, Sailor is one of the few who is still there after the pens are packed away. In January, he officially began his own company, Unsigned Preps, to help prospects prepare for college life on and off the field. It has less to do with 40 times, more to do with the long haul.
Difficult start, promising future...
The call came on Dec. 20, 1992. Identical twin girls born with an addiction to cocaine needed someone to care for them because their birth mother couldn't. Collectively, the premature babies weighed less than 5 pounds, and doctors predicted they would be blind. Patricia Jackson, a foster mother, didn't hesitate to accept. She had waited three months for such a call — ever since, she says, God gave her a vision that twins would one day call her Mom. She named them Alexis and Alesia...
Father of Five Graduates from USF
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In Memory of Dave Duerson
In memory of Dave "Double D" Duerson: November 28, 1960 - February 17, 2011 Listen to Double D's radio show clips featuring Tyrone Keys. Tyrone On Double D Radio 1Tyrone On Double D Radio 2 Donate to the Dave Duerson Scholarship Fund by clicking the button below.
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