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Community Service

All Sports' participants help their community and earn a higher education.

Over 100 high school and 100 college students are served annually through All Sports programs. Each participant is asked to volunteer a minimum of 25 hours of community service per semester. These students learn valuable skills, have fun, and make a difference in their community, all while planting the seed for their own future success.

Many All Sports' student volunteers earn college financial assistance with a community service scholarship. In addition to earning a college education, these students gain self-esteem, pride and sense of accomplishment that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Volunteer Partnerships

Joshua House and Hope Children

Joshua House is foster home for neglected and/or abused children in the Tampa area. All Sports makes regular visits to Joshua House providing such services as monthly birthday parties, story-time for the younger children, and other things like outside recreation and educational assistance.

Middle Schools

All Sports supports many of the local YMCAs by volunteering to work with the children in after-school programs and sporting activities. Many of All Sports' future candidates are first introduced to the program at their Middle Schools

Leslie Peters House

Leslie Peters House is a juvenile detention center for ages 14 through 18. Participants of All Sports tutor and act as role models to the home's youth.

"I see now that grand gestures are not always necessary, and, more often than not, simple acts can be as impactful and substantive as grander gestures as it matters to people who are truly in need."
- Marshall E. Hopkins