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Mentor Program

All Sports relies on mentoring to change the lives of at-risk youth.

The All Sports Mentor Program works on the premise that many at-risk students have the desire for a higher education after high school, but lack the direction and support that only a positive mentor can offer. All Sports assigns "mentors" to guide these students in their transition into college, and "mentor coordinators" to track their development through graduation. The All Sports mentoring program is based on a two-tier model. The program focuses on the overall personal and academic development of at-risk high school students.

Two Tiers to Success


The First Tier: The first tier involves utilizing personal mentors who establish relationships with local high school students. At this stage, All Sport provides valuable workshop that help prepare these students for their transition into college or their career of choice. This is also the time to preselect those candidates that will pass into the second tier, based on their personal and financial needs.


The Second Tier: The mentoring program's second tier involves utilizing mentor coordinators, former All Sports' college graduates, who support participants selected into the second tier throughout their college education.