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Former 'All Sports' Client Graduates
Former NFL star and current Executive Director and Founder of All Sports Community Services, Tyrone Keys, spends endless days and time helping local high school athletes reach the collegiate level, especially those who possessed marginal talent or weren't offered a scholarship. His track record reads of nothing but success with these young men once they've reached college and follows their progress up until the time they graduate and either go on to a professional sports career, or enter the world of business.
T.J. Lewis: Charity comes all the way back
When T.J. Lewis stands before NationsBank employees in shirt and tie soliciting United Way donations, he looks little like "the kid" who used to play point guard at Gaither High. Yet thanks indirectly to some United Way seed money, Lewis has grown in many ways since he completed his senior year at Gaither in 1993. You could argue the charitable organization never has made a smarter investment.
Keys provides avenue to success
When a limousine cruises through a housing project, it usually represents and ending. The sight of a long black car with multiple doors is most often associated with funeral processions.
Armwood's Peoples must make his own chance
The story of Nathan Peoples isn't that uncommon, but he is. Peoples, 6-foot-2, 218 pounds, is a heralded linebacker for Armwood who had every reason to believe his future was with a Division I school. For as long as he can remember, the advice has been the same: practice hard, play well, make good grades, do well on the college entrance exam and a scholarship will be yours.
Dreams Come True
I was born 21 years ago, the first of three boys to the proud parents, Shelton and Johnnie Ruth Keys. My parents graduated from Alcorn University. So from day one, all I heard about was education and going to college. My mother is a typing teacher; although I am not the best typist in the world, I do type a little. My father, who is retired now, was formerly a Farmer Home Administration Appraiser.