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Tyrone Keys Invited to White House
At noon on Monday, September 8, charity founder Tyrone Keys will attend a White House ceremony honoring volunteerism. Keys was selected as an invited guest by a presidential volunteers committee and President George W. Bush to recognize his charitable efforts. The charity Keys founded is All Sports Community Service (ASCS), a Tampa-based 501(3)c organization supported by NFL Charities that provides opportunities for student-athletes to attain personal enrichment through higher education.
Christina Whidden Memorial
In a Panera Bread store in Carrollwood, T.J. Lewis talked to William Joseph about what he could expect. At the same time just a few miles away, Ollie Hoyte helped coach participants at the Mike Alstott Football Camp, including a young teen from Dallas. The link between the two? All Sports Community Service and founder Tyrone Keys. Keys is a Johnny Appleseed of community service in Tampa. He helps aspiring high school students gain entry into college. In return, they agree to do volunteer service.
Aug. 13, 1996 edition of St. Pete Times
TAMPA -- When T.J. Lewis stands before NationsBank employees in shirt and tie soliciting United Way donations, he looks little like "the kid" who used to play point guard at Gaither High. Yet thanks indirectly to some United Way seed money, Lewis has grown in many ways since he completed his senior year at Gaither in 1993. You could argue the charitable organization never has made a smarter investment.
Keys' Life Has A Purpose
Tyrone Keys, who has made helping others his lifelong mission, returned last Saturday to his alma mater, Mississippi State University. Keys was honored for his work with All Sports Community Service, his Tampa-based non-profit organization that was featured in "Story of Character" television spots to commemorate the SEC's 75th anniversary. The theme was giving back. So Keys made certain his high school football coach, Odell Jenkins, received proper recognition during the ceremony before the Ole Miss-MSU men's basketball game.
The Biggest Game of All
Albert Einstein once observed the condition of the world around him and remarked, “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” Tyrone Keys, the Founder and Director of All Sports Community Service, a 501(3)c organization providing opportunities for student-athletes to attain personal enrichment through higher education, may not be aware of Einstein’s words. Nevertheless, he has certainly lived them out in his life.
Pride in Leto High surpasses a diploma
From their mother, Flora Curley, a nurse, Gilbert and Sergio Perez learned to balance their lives between athletics and academics. From their father, Gilberto Perez, a carpenter, the brothers learned the value of hard work and never taking anything for granted. From their teachers at Leto High, the Perez boys learned that education and effort - not people who looked down on their school - would define who they would become. From Tyrone Keys, the founder of All Sports Community Service, they learned the importance of giving back to the city's most deserving.