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ASCS Honors Those Who Give Back


The 1985 Chicago Bears hold a special place in sports history.  They were a team unlike any other from their iconic players, characters who had character, to their spectacular Super Bowl win and the unforgettable Grammy nominated rap song the Super Bowl Shuffle.  The song sold over half a million copies with proceeds going to needy charities in the Chicago area.  The late, great Walter Payton said it best, “The Bears had a goal since training camp to bring Chicago a Super Bowl champ…we are doing this to feed the needy and not the greedy.” Twenty-five years later the ‘85 team has four players in the NFL HALL OF FAME and four players as NFL head coaches.  


Tyrone Keys, Defensive Lineman for the ’85 Super Bowl winning team parlayed that winning attitude by investing in the next generation through All Sports Community Services (ASCS), an organization dedicated to helping students and mentors make an impact in their communities and beyond.  Two dates stand out as signposts for Keys, January 26, 1986 when his team won the Super Bowl and January 26, 2008 when he was named to the 75th SEC Story of Character Team which highlights honorees who have earned distinction by positively impacting their community, state, region and nation.   


For Keys this is only the beginning of true success.  His greatest reward comes from awakening the selfless champion within students by helping them seize their own potential and then give back by mentoring others.  When students achieve their dreams and are given direction from positive mentors in charting their career, the impact of those decisions determine destiny and charts a course toward leaving a legacy for future generations.


To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of winning Super Bowl XX, ASCS would like to honor the students, mentors and teachers who have helped to make it happen by traveling the selfless journey where coming back is now a way of life.  We are proud to share these remarkable stories of service, commitment, dedication, and distinction.  We celebrate these home grown heroes who have helped to awaken the social consciousness of students on a quest for real and true success.