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Bucs tackle James Lee lifts spirits of fan

By Eduardo A. Encina, Times Staff Writer, July 7th, 2011

A longtime ticket holder's recovery battle is buoyed by a visit from tackle James Lee.

TAMPA - Charles Clark has been a Bucs fan since Day 1.

On Thursday afternoon, the 34-year season-ticket holder from Tampa sat in his Moffitt Cancer Center hospital room, draped in a white blanket, his body weak from blood cancer treatments, fragile from losing 30 pounds after a bone marrow transplant two weeks ago.

Atop his head sat a red Bucs cap, under his blanket he wore a black Bucs T-shirt. The worst news he has heard, NFL lockout aside, is that his treatments might force him to miss Tampa Bay home games this season.

Then a visitor, Bucs offensive tackle James Lee, walked into the room and it was the perfect medicine for the 67-year-old ailing grandfather...

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