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Another Scholarship Awarded to HS Teen

TAMPA BAY, FL – July 29,2013 - Ten years ago, LabrawnSaffold was in a debilitating car accident that left him paralyzed while he was in high school. Following that experience, he was lonely and depressed. Soon after, he was introduced to Tyrone Keys, the founder of All Sports Community Service Foundation and former NFL Super Bowl champion (Super Bowl XX, Chicago Bears), with whom he tributes his shift in thinking, responsibility and commitment to giving back.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself when he received news from the doctors that he may have to use a wheelchair for possibly the rest of his life, it didn’t stop him from returning back to his high school as class president and homecoming king. He co-founded a service club called Quest for Real and True Success, a program designed to help kids prepare for college and job opportunities.

After graduating from King High School, Saffold decided to attend Hillsborough Community College where he found an interest in mentoring kids. Saffold was selected as one of five people to receive the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Quarterback Award, an award that’s given to individuals that excel in community service.

Now, Saffold is the Executive Sales Manager for Macy’s in Miami. Because of the way he was helped through the ASCS Program, Saffold helps other students to help get their feet off the ground through scholarships. Saffold established a scholarship under the ASCS umbrella with the hopes of turning setbacks into comebacks by coming back to giving back.

“This young man actually helped me witness a full-circle cycle to One Buc Place where I played after leaving the World Champion Chicago Bears 25 years ago. To see one of my students receive the Community Quarterback Award is amazing. That’s what Quest for Real and True Success is about: helping the next generation awaken the champion quarterback within themselves and return to help the next generation do the same thing.”

Tianna Berry, recent graduate of Blake High School and college-bound, recently received Saffold’s scholarship from the Quest Program to assist in furthering her education.

Berry, an active leader in school and Quest, as well as, the Urban Teaching Academy, catapulted her to the top of the selection list for the scholarship. Three years ago, Berry was chosen to lead the Quest Program amongst her peers by the Reading Coach at Earnest Just Elementary. (Side note: the Reading Coach, Kylie Moard, also is a proud representative as an ASCS Alumni). Every Tuesday and Thursday, Berry would lead a group of 12 fellow students to the Elementary School to teach reading to the younger students.

Since the program began, and with Berry’s student leadership, the reading scores at Just Elementary have increased by two letter grades.

Berry will also attend Hillsborough Community College. Ironically, this is the same college that Saffoldattended during his participation of the ASCS Program.


The award was given to Berry near the ten year anniversary of Labrawn’s car accident. He says, “It’s been quite a journey from the depressing years to joining ASCS to college, then career. Every day I thank God for bringing Tyrone Keys and ASCS into my life; it’s made me a better man