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Growing up in poverty and an area of high crime, Todd Williams lost his mother, who he barely knew, at a young age. His grandmother, who cared for Todd and was the love of his life, passed away when he was only 14. In addition, he lost his father during that same time. Homeless, with no place to stay and no one to turn to, he took to the streets of Miami where he lived in a car and stole food to survive. When boredom set in, he returned to the area where he grew up, stole a car and was arrested. That's when fate intervened and he was introduced to All Sports Community Service. With a strong will and desire to fulfill the promise he made to his grandmother, he graduated from high school, attended Florida State University and graduated with two degrees - one in Psychology and one in criminology. Recently, he returned to Tampa where he spoke to the young men in the same halfway house where he once lived.

Living in the Robles Park Housing Project wasn't easy for Adedayo Banwo. He was surrounded by drugs, violence and hopelessness. However, he was able to beat the odds. His community volunteerism was brought to the attention of All Sports where a video was made to market him to the Park Foundation, who awarded him a four-year scholarship to North Carolina State. Adedayo was the first, non-athlete student to receive a scholarship of this magnitude. In May, he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and he'll attend law school this fall.

There are many "happy ending" stories like these. In the past, the Carrollwood Area Business Association and the Carrollwood Area Bar Association raised monies, though annual golf tournaments, to provide sponsorships for All Sports students.

All Sports Community Service Inc. (ASCS) is a non-profit organization, founded by Tyrone Keys, Executive Director, with the help of the late Jerry Ulm Sr., in response to the tragic death of Albert Perry. Their purpose and mission - to offer challenged youth the opportunity to determine their own destiny through academic achievement, community service and sports.

Since 1993, ASCS has assisted hundreds of students obtain more than $15 million in support for their college education. Their greatest joy has been seeing their All Sports college graduates come full circle to dedicate themselves to helping others, who face similar challenges, achieve their dreams of a college education.

If you would like to know more about All Sports Community Service and how "YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE" in the life of a teenager, call 813-348-3729 to find out how you can help.